Temur Adventures

Exportar a Magic Arena
3 Breeding Pool
3 Bond of Flourishing
1 Castle Vantress
3 Stomping Ground
4 Ketria Triome
2 Storm’s Wrath
4 Lovestruck Beast
4 Fae of Wishes
5 Forest
4 Brazen Borrower
4 Bonecrusher Giant
4 Edgewall Innkeeper
4 Island
4 Beanstalk Giant
4 Lucky Clover
3 Escape to the Wilds
3 Steam Vents
3 Mountain

1 Embercleave
1 Clear the Mind
1 Pulse of Murasa
1 The Great Henge
1 Grafdigger’s Cage
1 Wilderness Reclamation
1 Sinister Sabotage
1 Redcap Melee
1 Expansion // Explosion
1 Storm’s Wrath
1 Sorcerous Spyglass
1 Return to Nature
1 Fling
1 Soul-Guide Lantern
1 Shadowspear

Temur adventures

Deck (62)
Breeding Pool
Bond of Flourishing
Castle Vantress
Stomping Ground
Ketria Triome
Storm’s Wrath
Lovestruck Beast
Fae of Wishes
Brazen Borrower
Bonecrusher Giant
Edgewall Innkeeper
Beanstalk Giant
Lucky Clover
Escape to the Wilds
Steam Vents
Sideboard (15)
Clear the Mind
Pulse of Murasa
The Great Henge
Grafdigger’s Cage
Wilderness Reclamation
Sinister Sabotage
Redcap Melee
Expansion // Explosion
Storm’s Wrath
Sorcerous Spyglass
Return to Nature
Soul-Guide Lantern

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